The Buyers Guide in Choosing Good Footwear

“If your looking for information on good footwear then, pull up a chair and buckle down, because this is the article you have been looking for.”

When you are contemplating on buying your next pair of shoes or trainers, what are the main things that you are looking for in footwear? Everyone has different style and taste, some people buy for style, color, shape or comfort and of course there is the price to consider as well.

It is quite important to draw up a short checklist on what to look for, when making your next purchase, as footwear plays a huge role in the way you feel, considering that all of your body weight is absorbed through your feet, so it is of vital importance, to have the correct footwear and especially in the warmer months.

What to remember before buying footwear?


  • Make sure you try on your footwear
  • Buy from a reputable company
  • Can they absorb your bodyweight comfortably
  • Is your purchase within your budget
  • Comfort should always be the number one priority
  • Do you like the style and color


You would not buy a pair of shoes or trainers, that were comfortable but looked hideous, as that would be a waste of time and money. Instead you would look to buy a pair that, ticked most of the checklist above, remembering that comfort should always be your priority over style. fake jordans

What price would you expect to pay for comfort?

With comfortable or made to measure footwear, you will nearly always expect to pay some sort of a premium price, as you are not buying such any cheap rubbish. A fair price for good quality footwear, will probably set you back somewhere in the region of at least fifty pounds. That may sound like a lot of money but, footwear plays a huge role in the way you walk and how you generally feel about yourself.

I think it is long overdue that, the government stepped in and started up another schools campaign, about footwear and educating people form a young age, in the importance of wearing footwear, that they feel comfortable in, because it will improve their balance, coordination and posture in later life.


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